I want to buy a house a house in Croatia. How can I do that?
It depends from which country you come from. People coming from EU countries have no legal problems, but if you are coming from example Rusia, than you cannot buy a house as a person but only as a company. So, you would have to start a company in Croatia.


How can I start a company in Croatia?
To start a company, you have to do several steps which can be very difficult if you are not familiar with Croatian law and language. We advise you to hire an accounting company which can help you with these steps and take care of all the paperwork for you.


How much would this cost me?
Price is determined per case, because it depends on the amount of paperwork you give us. We will show you an example below:

Services we provide:

  1. paperwork for founding a company
  2.  tax advices
  3. Virtual headquarters and address
  4. Monthly obligatory reports to Croatian financial and legal institutions

If you decide to become our client for more than a year, services from 1-3 are free of charge! However, we have to do monthly reports and so, our price is monthly based and calculated depending on the paperwork. It  is usually around 120-150 euros per month for startup companies.


Is Konto d.o.o competitively priced?
We believe it is and more so. For an example, tax advisement is included in the monthly price. This is very important since for an example for just one hour of time with a tax advisor (if you hire them specifically) you would pay around 70 euros!


Why choose us?
  • we have more than 20 years of experience in providing excellent service,
  • we use the latest accounting software so our service is more efficient, faster and more accurate than the competition
  • we are subscribed to all relevant tax, law and accounting magazines so we are always up to date. Are you?
  • we have a good mix of young, ambitious and more experienced employees to provide the best service for you…


From March 01.2002 our service is a member of the Association of Accounting Services County , so our billing service uses a uniform price list in our county.

See price list here in pdf format (price list is in croatian language so contact us if you have any questions about the price range).