The history of the company

History of Konto resembles almost all small companies which have been founded during the beginning of the privatization era in Croatia. Konto started small, in the beginning with only one employee and a rented workspace of 30 square meters. Later as the demand for acconunting services was rising so did Konto. This growth brought issues of managing, organizing and finding the best computer software solutions. Since we have a large customer base we are always trying to help our clients in their business as well, either by recomendation or by directly connecting our clients if they share a similiar interest.


Who are we?

KONTO d.o.o. is a company which begin its work on 31.01.1990. in Rijeka. Company specializes in providing accounting, financial services and tax consulting of entrepeneurs, mostly small companies and craftsmen.

BRANKA RAMEŠA is the founder, owner and manager of Konto. 

Konto is located on Vukovarska 10 , in Rijeka.



Staff Structure

In the ACCOUNT personnel assigned to the following scheme:
- Manager - organizer and coordinator of overall business
- Independent accountants - accounting bosses - 11 employees (including university and secondary school education)
- The business of financial operations has 2 persons employed (with a secondary education degree)
- On the payroll we have 2 employees (with a secondary education degree)
- Cleaning lady

When selecting personnel is essential:

- Possession of adequate knowledge of the activities, as well as basic computer skills and knowledge of at least one world language.
- It is very important that the person is friendly, easy to fit into a team and is responsible and  tolerant.
- It is very important that people know to keep a trade secret, and that employees do not talk out of office space about the business and customers of KONTO.



Activity of the company engaged, primarily involves the employment of employees of the economic profession with at least secondary education or college and university. Since the commencement of the accounting service and through a specialized firm like KONTO d.o.o., there was a need for such staff that is able to do a complete job from beginning till the end, unlike the previous accountancy who were part of even the smallest businesses, and the strict division of labor whereby the function of such accounting, it was not exactly easy to find people who had knowledge of all segments of the accounting operations and are able to respond to the requirements. So all of our employees had to, usually, pass a comprehensive education. During that time and till now Konto was constantly updated by young professionals who came directly from college.




Konto today has 17 employees and the structure of the firm is organized in several interconnected units:


a) Office of financial operation and liquidation

Tasks of this office are to receive documents that need payments either in kuna or foreign currency, there of liquidation and processing of payment orders. This office also performs treasury operations, including processing material costs in cash, processing travel costs in kuna and foreign currency and raising and disbursement of cash for the company's clients. Upon completion of operational tasks that are listed here, an automatic book - keeping service is carried out, posting them in the main book.


b) Office salaries

Tasks of this office are to process payroll for the company's clients, preparing, orders for the payment of salaries, and keeping complete records for each employee on his personal net payments, paid taxes and related contributions. Office also pays accrued service contracts, royalties agreements, and shall prepare an order for payment, as well as the necessary tax records. This office also manages required records for the Tax Administration, Pension and Social security and National statistics.

c) Office of Financial Accounting

Tasks of this office are book-keeping of all business changes, and preparation of all required reports to the owner, as well as for tax, statistical and banking institutions. Reports that are created here are: Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Corporate income tax return or income. Very often this office creates reports directly to the wishes of the owner, sometimes with the default models and patterns, and in a foreign language if the owner requires so.

d) Office for Information and Consulting

Tasks of this office are to provide current information to clients, as well as providing advisory services of tax and financial - legal character. For quality performance of these tasks it is necessary to promptly follow regulations that are published in the Official Gazette, and various commentaries and interpretations that come through professional journals such as RIF, Free Enterprise, a publication of the Ministry of Finance, the Informant and others. Office collects new information, and in a concise and simple way transmits this information to clients as a notification. Notifications are sent by e-mail or fax depending on the customer's qualification. Various advisory services can be requested by phone or in a meeting if it is a complex problem that requires a broader understanding and explanation.