Financial accounting and accounting of fixed assets – managing the main book and preparation of necessary reports for all companies and small businesses


knjigovodstvene usluge

Preparing payment orders and submitting them to a certain bank, as well as raising bank statements



Treasury operations, calculation of travel expenses and material costs

obracun placa

Payroll, commissions and fees

porezno savjetovanje

Tax and other business consulting

porezno savjetovanje

On line accounting in program called FAROS




Newly developed FAROS software uses the Internet Technology.The maker of software is company RIS Ltd. From Rijeka, our longtime client. We have also helped them with development of this program. The guiding idea was that each participant in the business process, does its part regardless of where he is, and that all together makes a complete project, or database from which everyone will draw the information they need to make business decisions and meet statutory reports. In practice this means that you as our potential customer enter the data You need to in the program, and so we can see this data in the program and process it to measure all of your need for customized reports. With this kind of service we can provide higher quality services, and we have the ability to reduce prices of our services. It is important to mention that there is a possibility of downloading bank statements if you use the Pharos, or indirectly, to send us e-mail excerpts in the so called FINA format. Link for more information about this program: